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How to Update the Navteq GPS Maps on the Chrysler Navigation System

Many of the more recent Chrysler cars come with the option of having a pre-installed navigation device built into the dashboard.  There are various pros and cons when opting for this additional extra, but one aspect often over-looked by drivers is that the map software will need to be updated on the system every year.  The reason for this is down to the fact that the maps are loaded into the device, rather than being beamed down by satellites (a common misconception).

In order to keep the Chrysler maps up to date, the driver will need to order a new Navteq DVD online, and then load the new database software in via the disc drive in the entertainment console.  The new 2012 disc is now available and is compatible with the following Chrysler vehicle models:

  • Chrysler 200 (2011 model)
  • Chrysler 200 Convertible (2011 model)
  • Chrysler 300 (2004 to 2011 models)
  • Chrysler Aspen (2004 to 2009 models)
  • Chrysler Pacifica (2004 to 2008 models)
  • Chrysler Sebring (2004 to 2010 models)
  • Chrysler Town & Country (2004 to 2011 models)

Order a New Navteq Navigation DVD Online

But how exactly do you get the new DVD with all the new North American and USA maps on it for your model and year?  Well, it’s surprisingly easy and can be done in a number of simple steps as follows:

  1. Visit the official Chrysler store and navigate to the “Owners” section.  Once on this page look for the option to update your Navteq maps and select it at which point you can then click on the “Buy Now” button.
  2. You are now on the official Navteq online map store, and this gives you the ability to firstly select your Chrysler model from a drop down list, and then subsequently select the year of manufacture.
  3. A new page will now load in your browser which shows you exactly which Navteq map update you need to purchase – and you can do this by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button on the bottom right hand side of the page.

Installing the New Chrysler Navigation DVD for 2012

The new Chrysler DVD will take around seven working days to arrive, and when it does make sure you do not discard the packaging because this contains the all important customer identification number which you will need when loading the new disc in.  Loading the new DVD is also very straight forward, and can be done in the following easy steps.

  1. Turn the ignition on.  This should boot the entertainment console display up.  If it does not come on automatically press the large “NAVIGATION” button to enable it.
  2. Now eject your existing Chrysler navigation DVD which should still be in the disc tray.  You can now insert your new 2012 software update which should be recognized by the console.
  3. A message will appear on the display stating “NAVIGATION MAP UPDATES”.  Click “yes” to confirm and the rest will happen by itself with no further need for your input.  The whole new map software install can take up to half of an hour so be prepared to be patient during this time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you don’t turn the Chrysler GPS navigation system off whilst performing this software update.  This has been known to ruin the install process and mean you need to consult a qualified engineer to fix any subsequent issues that could arise.

So as you can see, getting the latest maps into your Chrysler is not actually that hard.  The only issue you might consider is whether the initial outlay is worth the money every year.  With new map DVDs sometimes costing more than $150 US Dollars they can be expensive, but you should weigh this up against the fact that this is probably less than it would cost to buy a new cheap standalone GPS from Garmin or TomTom.

About the Author:

Bob Simmons is a respected automotive blogger who frequently has his work published online by car and vehicle websites looking for advice on Chrysler GPS navigation.  Bob personally drives a Ford F-150 and lives with his wife and two cats. Whilst not maintaining his specialist GPS websites, Bob likes to keep fit with street running and mixed martial arts.

Top 3 Must-Have Car Apps for Drivers

With countless apps available for download these days, it can be hard for drivers to find the best ones with awesome features. The advancement of technology has made it possible for drivers to enjoy certain luxuries even before getting into the car. Here are the top 3 must-have apps to make the entire driving process easier.
1. Viper SmartStart

Most drivers know how brutal it can be to walk out on a cold morning only to sit in a freezing car. But with the Viper SmartStart app, drivers can eliminate this chore and remotely start the car without even getting inside. This app requires a module to be installed into the car but the benefits are worth it. Here are some other features that SmartStart has to offer:
• Monitor and unlock car
• Cloud technology and SmartSchedule
• Release trunk
• Locate vehicle
• Speed and lockdown alerts
• Social check-in
• Multiple users
SmartStart is a great addition and extremely handy for drivers because there are so many options that can be customized by the user. Also, more users can be added if there are other drivers for the same car. Other car apps do not offer nearly as many features in a simple to use interface.
Other advanced features like SmartFence make this app even more helpful because drivers can set alerts that notify when their vehicle enters or departs a certain area. Anything from social check-in, popping the trunk open, or locating your car has never been easier.
2. iOnRoad

The next app on the list is iOnRoad and with many good reasons why. It allows drivers to transform a smartphone into a traffic tracker. Drivers will be forewarned about traffic ahead so a detour can be taken before piling into delays. This app utilizes the sensors in a smartphone such as the built-in GPS and camera to display audio and visual notifications. More advanced features are available with iOnRoad.
• Collision warning system
• Distance alert
• Web dashboard
• Car locator
• Auto-drive detection
• Snapshot assistant
• Notification narrator
With iOnRoad, drivers will not have to worry about getting into accidents from everyday distractions. The advanced collision warning system uses the distance alert to warn drivers when there is insufficient distance ahead. With the personal web dashboard, all notifications and alerts are quickly organized for easy access.
A unique feature available on iOnRoad is the snapshot assistant which allows you to take a visual of anything with just a tap of the icon. Whether you forgot where your car is parked or want automatic detection for when you are driving then iOnRoad is the must-have app for drivers.
3. Alternative Fuels

The last app on the list of must-haves for drivers is Alternative Fuels. Since hybrids are becoming more popular these days, there are more drivers looking for gas stations in the area. Before driving long distances just to fill up, download Alternative Fuels to shorten the ride. More features of this great app can add to convenience and help save time:
• Search nearby fuel stations
• Locate various forms of fuel
• Compare fuel prices in the area
• Customize search for other areas
• Directory of roadside assistance
Alternative Fuels is the best apps available for drivers with hybrid vehicles. Not only can it locate stations that offer biodiesel, but also liquefied petroleum gas, electric, ethanol, and compressed natural gas. Drivers can search stations in the area by entering the zip code but also for other locations as well without physically being there.
Aside from filling up the tank, drivers will not have to worry about navigating to the station of choice because detailed driving directions are provided. The best part of Alternative Fuels is that in the event of a breakdown, there is a handy directory to find roadside assistance. Not many apps can cover different needs but this one is certainly promising.


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