Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS – An Accurate Golf Rangefinder

Garmin design a wide range of different rangefinders including the G-Series and also the new watches that have recent hit the golfing market.  The G5 is still their standard bearer product and is the device that comes with the most functionality.  This Garmin golf rangefinder is waterproof plus comes with thousands of pre-loaded golf courses.  I’ve used it mainly on the south coast of England over about ten different courses so far – and each and every time it has helped me with my distance control as I’ve known the exact amount of yards to the hole.  Read on for my personal review and perspective on the Garmin G5, which might help you to make your mind up as to whether to buy one or not… it could improve your game just as it has done for me and give you a competitive advantage over your friends!


How the Garmin G5 Rangefinder Works

It’s a clever gadget, and the range finding capability included is all achieved by Garmin’s award winning GPS technology.  There is a highly-sensitive GPS receiver within the Garmin Golf G5 which calculates your shot distances plus shows the exact and precise distance to fairways and greens… plus of course any hazards which is essential if you want to reduce your shot numbers and want to bring your handicap down.


Lightweight and Comes with an Easy to Use Touchscreen

It is very light to carry weighing in at only 6.8 ounces – sometimes I clip mine to my belt, or just carry it in my golf bag.   The accuracy of the data readings mean I no longer need to estimate my shot distances so much – not only that, as I am also finding that I am making better selections with my clubs.

One of the cooler feature and functions that I really love is the fact that I can use the Approach G5 as a scorecard if playing with a friend or partner.  It’s simple to set-up and you can do this with numbers of up to four other players.


Comes with Thousands of Pre-Loaded Courses

In terms of golf courses, there are thousands pre-loaded onto the Approach G5 GPS.  Theirs is no need for you to subscribe to get the golf course data and any updates.  I really love this aspect because Garmin are definitely thinking of the average golfer it is possible to download courses for free whenever they are added to, and then uploaded to the online database.  You can download new data and courses direct from the official Garmin website with no subscriptions fees.


Simply to Operate and Intuitive Touch Screen

The Approach G5 Golf GPS has a simple to use and understand touch screen.  For me I found it very easy to quickly locate all the features – and this was despite having not having consulted the instructions (which I am sure applies to the majority of golfers who just want to get out there and play with little fuss or messing around).  I love the way in which I was able to interact with the touch screen.  All you do is touch the digital golf course on the display and the Approach G5 then tells you what the distances involved are.  In truth there’s lots of additional detail on the courses, and not all of it you will use, but the most important aspect is distance and the awareness of what hazards and trees are going to be in your way.  Using this part helped me to line up my shots correctly and (hopefully) avoid getting stuck in the rough , water hazard, or a sandy bunker.


Access to Loads of Useful Stats

Throughout my golf games the Approach G5 gave me a constant analysis of all the golfing statistics important to me.  I have been able to better understand what my game’s weaknesses are and learn how to improve upon them. I honestly never believed that I would be able to improve my game with a golf GPS rangefinder – however over the last six months my handicap has visibly improved by a score of three which I think is superb progress and much more than I ever expected to do.


Conclusion on the Garmin Approach G5 Review

As an overall conclusion I would say if you want to improve your game then definitely consider buying the G5.  Whether you are a beginner to the game or even a seasoned pro then I believe that the Garmin Approach G5 GPS rangefinder can help you game – and best of all it is completely legal in the global rules of golf.  Here are some features and specifications to help you make your mind up:

Features & Specification

  • 2.3 inches wide, 4.5 inches high, 1.4 inches deep
  • Display size is 1.53 inches wide & 2.55 inches high
  • Display resolution 240 x 400 pixels
  • Transflective colour TFT touchscreen display
  • Weighs 6.8 oz or 192.7 g with batteries
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Waterproof
  • GPS-enabled & high-sensitivity receiver
  • USB interface
  • Touch-targeting
  • Manual pin positioning
  • Course preview
  • Tracks stats
  • Digital scorecard
  • Computer scorecard review
  • Legal under the Rules of Golf


Author Bio:  Robin Gittens has been playing golf for two years and regularly contributes to golfing websites with his views and opinions on the game.  If you want to purchase a Garmin G5 rangefinder then we would recommend that you buy direct from Garmin due to the support that they offer.

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