Garmin Rino 120 Amazing GPS With Two Way Radio

Garmin Rino 120 GPS 2 Way Radio

Garmin Rino 120 GPS 2 Way Radio


The Rino 120 is state-of-the-art GPS navigation and two-way communications combined, with enough memory to download detailed mapping for driving, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just about anything else you can dream up.

The Rino 120 is waterproof and can beam your exact location to another Rino user within a two-mile range (on the FRS spectrum) using the position reporting feature.

The radio functionality of the Rino 120 provides two-way communications for up to two miles (using FRS channels), and you can talk to friends or family who own conventional FRS radios. There’s also a voice scrambler and a vibration mode for silent calls.

The Rino 120 has a built-in basemap consisting of American road and highway detail, along with 8 MB of internal memory for downloading additional road, street, and points-of-interest data from MapSource MetroGuide, Fishing Hot Spots, Topo, or BlueChart CD-ROMs. A PC-interface cable also comes with the Rino 120.

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Destination Hiking
GPS Receiver 12 Channels
Display LCD Monochrome
Accessories Belt Clip, Wrist Strap and PC Cable
Software Included Garmin Americas Highway Basemap and 

Garmin Marine Point Database (Americas)

Weight 8.3 oz
Battery 3 x AA (about 28 hrs)
Built-In Memory 8 MB
Navigation Waypoints 500
Navigation Routes 20
Antenna External
GPS PC Connection Serial
Waterproof Yes
System Feature Downloadable POIs
DGPS System DGPS Ready



Customer Review

– this has been an invaluable tool. i use it for hunting, camping, day trips, road trips, and geocaching. it is so user friendly my 7yr old can use it to find “treasures” (geocaches). the radio has good range as long as it is line of sight. there are about 20 people in our hunting family that use these, all but one has had no problems, the one was a factory lcd problem, outdoor store replaced for free. i will hand down this one and get new color screen for myself…  Jim A Griffin May 21, 2011


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