How to Use Your Phone Safely While Driving

Many states are beginning to ban the use of cell phones from drivers while they are operating a vehicle. Studies have found that texting and talking are about equally dangerous, because they take your mind off of the road. We are going to give you some safety tips on how to use a phone in the car safely, but overall the recommendation is to not use your cell phone while driving. Studies have shown that cell phones can be more distracting to drivers than driving while drunk. Different people will have different capacities though, and it is important to honestly asses how distracting your phone is to you.

Check your phone

Before getting into a car, make sure that your phone is setup to enable safe driving. It is important to put your phone somewhere that you can reach it if you are going to use it. Don’t leave it in your pocket, purse or back seat. These will obviously take your eyes and attention off of the road.

Tie up any conversations before leaving

To avoid wanting to use it though I have some great tips. First off, before you leave tie up any texting or phone conversations. While this may be impossible in some cases, if you tie up a conversation you won’t think about it while driving. If conversations are finished, you won’t need to send that urgent text, email or phone call.

Put your phone on silent mode

When you get in the car put it on silent mode. This way any new emails, texts or phone calls will not need to be answered while you are in car. They can wait until you are off the road. To further hide your phone you can put it in a case or sleeve, so that you cannot see the phone in addition to not being able to hearing it.

Head set is crucial

If you must talk on the phone while in the car, start the phone call before you depart. Make sure that you have a head set before even considering making a phone call while driving. This way all the dialing is done before you leave, and it is one less distraction from the phone. Do not start another phone call while you are in the vehicle. You must remember to keep your eyes on the road whenever possible while doing this. Do not get to involved in the conversation that you forget what you are doing on the road, and if it is a complicated conversation it is probably best put off until you can give it you undivided attention.

Overall, I recommend that you do not use your cell phone while driving. We survived as a species for a long time before cell phones, and no matter how urgent a phone call is it is not more urgent then your life or others around you.

Guest post by Mateusz, owner of LookupExpert, website offering cell phone number lookup.

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