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Tracking Your Car With GPS Car Tracker World Community News » Tracking Your Car with Car GPS

Every scary problem has a solution, and the best solution for car theft is simply installing a GPS tracking system. The market of the tracking devices is considered as the fastest growing market. Car GPS tracker is really a useful World Community News

GPS Could Have Prevented Megabus Crash

Suit: GPS could have prevented fatal Megabus crash | Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Inquirer
Megabus officials have said company policy prohibits the use of GPS devices while driving. Lo Wah Chu, 56, suffered “catastrophic, permanent and disabling” injuries in the accident, the lawsuit said, including traumatic brain injury, severe injury to
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GPS could be hit by solar flares

Solar Flares Could Hit GPS
By Russ Niles, Editor-in-Chief It might be time to review those VOR skills in light of sunspot activity that had the potential to disrupt GPS signals on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday, the sun sent a significant burst of electromagnetic energy toward
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Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracking Unit

Garmin’s GTU 10 is a handy GPS locator that integrates a web-based tracking service with GPS technology, allowing you keep an eye on children, pets, property–anything you want.

The features of the GTU 10 are so flexible, allowing you to use it to fit your lifestyle:

Locate luggage and belongings so nothing gets left behind or lost.

Track your children on their way to school to make sure they arrive safely.

Pet Owners
Receive notifications when your pet exits a geofence so you can go track it down.

Let friends or family track your whereabouts on your daily run, or your progress on race day.

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Garmin GPS Device Tracks Wayward Pooch, Kids or Property

GPS device tracks wayward pooch, kids or property

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Los Angeles Times
The Garmin GTU 10 Tracker — for sale online and at select AT&T stores — is a GPS device that can be clipped onto a dog collar, tucked into a child’s backpack or put into a car trunk, and then tracked either online or through a smartphone app.
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