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New GPS Application Keeps Driver’s Eyes On The Road

GPS App Keeps Drivers’ Eyes on the Road
MIT Technology Review
By Ian E. Muller Many drivers use GPS to find their way, but shifting their attention to the maps on the device can distract them from actual driving. A new app, Wikitude Drive, aims to help drivers navigate without diverting their attention away from
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Frugal Driving By Using Smartphone And GPS

Research: Using smartphones for frugal driving
Carmakers also have been working on marrying GPS with other communication tools for a variety of uses, from avoiding accidents to cutting fuel costs. Ford is working on technologies that will allow cars to talk to each other.
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Robbers Tracked And Caught By GPS

Hot GPS ices duo
New York Post
By JOSH SAUL An 18-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman who allegedly abetted a stickup at a Brooklyn cellphone store were under arrest last night — after cops tracked them down with a GPS feature on one of the stolen phones.
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Tech Better Than Sex – GPS Software Maker

Tech: Better than Sex?
By Harry McCracken, Technologizer This week, GPS software maker TeleNav revealed the results of a survey it commissioned about Americans and their phones. The tidbit it chose to highlight: one-third of us would rather give up sex than do without our
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