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Free iPhone GPS Applications

7 Absolutely Free iPhone GPS Navigation Apps
By admin
A lot of free GPS apps are present out there but the question is which ones are really really good? Many people use paid apps which are quite popular too, but today we have a list of free GPS apps that are really awesome to use.

Student’s Stolen Computer Tracked By GPS Software

GPS software tracks down student’s stolen computer
The Guardian
It gave her a GPS location of her laptop, revealed the Wi-Fi address the stolen machine was connected to and even took a picture of the man using it. The laptop was stolen in a burglary of a shared student home in the Cotham area of Bristol.
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Do You Know There Is A GPS Tracker In Your Car?

Unwarranted GPS Tracking Devices Warrant Fears
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Have you ever been driving along when suddenly you get the sense that you’re being followed? Over-the-counter GPS tracking products are being put into cars by everyone from the FBI to car dealers and finance companies to cuckolded
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GPS Tracking For 9/11 Memorial Ride

9/11 Memorial Ride to Use GPS Tracking from Wireless Matrix

Wireless Matrix, a GPS fleet tracking services provider has declared that it would offer GPS tracking for America’s 9/11 Ride, which is happening for the tenth consecutive year. This ride is a three day motorcycle ride established by America’s 911 Foundation to honor the victims, volunteers and heroes who died on September 11, 2001….

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Japanese iPhone App Turns GPS Navigation into a Mobile Suit Gundam Battle

Japanese iPhone App Turns GPS Navigation into a Mobile Suit Gundam Battle
If you’re a Japanese otaku growing bored of your crippling iPhone GPS dependence, Namco Bandai could have the solution for you — gaming your way to destinations with Mobile Suit Gundam. Gundam Navi, the first of a line of Character Navi programs,
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