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GPS Tracking Solar Panels For Sale

High-Efficiency Solar Panels with GPS for Sale in New England
CalFinder (blog)
GPS technology has found its way into residential solar panel systems. GPS monitors the exact latitude and longitude of the system, as well as the precise time of day and date. The technology triggers a motor to tilt the solar panel up and down and
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GPS tracking solar-panels

GPS tracking solar-panels

Student’s Stolen Computer Tracked By GPS Software

GPS software tracks down student’s stolen computer
The Guardian
It gave her a GPS location of her laptop, revealed the Wi-Fi address the stolen machine was connected to and even took a picture of the man using it. The laptop was stolen in a burglary of a shared student home in the Cotham area of Bristol.
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A GPS Collar That Tracks and Finds Your Lost Furry Friends

Do you have a dog or cat that likes to take unaccompanied walks? Qualcomm—a tech company more closely associated with mobile phones than mobile pets—could help you keep tabs on your wayward Buddy or Lucy.

Snaptracs, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, is now selling the Tagg Pet Tracker, an electronic device that can be attached to nearly any pet collar. The water-resistant Tagg contains a GPS receiver chip, a Verizon wireless communication chip, and rechargeable batteries that last about 30 days.

Once an online account is established and a Tagg is registered with Snaptracs, a pet owner can establish geographical areas where their pet is allowed to roam. If it wanders outside that invisible box, the Tagg sends an e-mail alert to the owner’s computer. Tracking GPS coordinates can also be sent to whomever the owner chooses—to neighbors or family members so they can find Fido while Fido’s owner is at work, for example.

The Tagg can be added to any non-metallic pet collar and is designed for dogs and cats that weigh 10 pounds or more. The $200 pet-tracking device comes with a charging base station and one year of wireless service. Additional Taggs, available in four colors, for multiple pet households cost an additional $140 each. After the first year of service, wireless tracking fees are $60 per year.

Author: Paul Eng



Liver Transplant Recipient Saved By GPS technology

St. Louis (KSDK) – It was down-to-the-wire for a local man who needed a liver transplant.

David Simon nearly missed his chance two weeks ago but was saved he says, by some extraordinarily caring people and technology!

Their cell phones are rarely far from 56-year-old David Simon and his wife Susan.

Simon was a very sick man. He had cancer of the liver and needed a transplant right away.

During the Labor Day weekend, while the Simons in Osage Beach; a liver became available and St. Louis University Hospital was desperately trying to reach them.

St. Louis University Post-Transplant Team Coordinator Donna Kirkpatrick learned that the Simons were in Osage Beach but couldn’t find an address.

St. Charles emergency dispatchers got the cell phone number, used a GPS tracker and found the Simons, just in time to rush David to the hospital.

“I am totally, totally amazed. I’ve only seen that on shows like ‘CSI’ and shows you can watch, but I am very grateful,” said Susan Simon.

When asked how he’s feeling, David said, “A lot, lot better. Emotionally and physically.”

David said without a liver transplant, he probably had four weeks or less to live.

He says he’s grateful to the dispatchers and to St. Louis University hospital.

By Sharon Stevens


Latest GPS Products Release By Laipac

Laipac Announces the Latest GPS Products for 2011/12
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Laipac Technology, Inc. a global leader in GPS tracking announces its road map product strategy focused on solutions for Law enforcement, military, lone worker, parole, healthcare, people location and global vehicle tracking.
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